We Are All One

we are oneJust because man has created religions that separate us on earth, does not mean it separates God or that it separates us from God. Religions were created to explain the unexplainable, to name the unnamable. Separation does not come from God, it comes from the flawed human ego.

When one removes the earthly “EGO” concepts of the right way or the wrong way and simply chooses and practices a path solely to connect oneself with God, the separations no longer matter.

The primary purpose of religion was supposed to be a connection to God. It is the road one takes to find that connection to source. When we drop all the dogma and religious bindings what is left is God. A simple connection to source that is the starting point for everything else.

Study the prophets, the masters, the religious icons, you will find these people did not speak to separate or spread ill will. These greats spoke of love and kindness. These prophets spoke of walking a path to connect with and eventually commune with source.

Separation came from the mistaken belief, the misinterpretations, that there is only one way to connect with source. That belief did not come from source, but from human Ego.

Wayne Dyer defines the Ego to mean “Edge God Out”. Ego is the part of us that believes we are separate, not just from each other but also from God (Source). In reality we are actually all a part of source energy and therefore a part of each other as well.

How do we define God (Source)? In actuality we attempt to use our limited human words to define and explain something that is undefinable. There are no sufficient words to explain what Source is. We often give God very human traits like desire. Desire is of the ego. It is a human trait. Source does not desire, it simply is. We often blame God for bad things, when instead it is possible to find a lesson or a positive within a situation that makes us better or stronger in some way.

I have walked many paths along my journey and I expect to walk many more along the way. Everything in my life has led me here and yet I began here. Long ago I connected with Source on a level I will never truly understand and from that moment I understood that I was a part of something larger than any understanding could contain. I have tried to define, explain, and discuss. I have attempted in my writings to share my path, long and twisting as it has been. Where I am at right now, I may not be in a year or 5 years, but with each new version of myself God has traveled with me and been a part of me.

Sometimes I feel this connection to spirit, God, Source, stronger than other times. Sometimes I feel disconnected and confused. No matter where I am at within myself, I know that I am still part of something bigger than life, bigger than me. I have always understood that, at the core, what matters is my connection with God and even when I feel disconnected I am not truly lost. Every moment is a lesson, a learning experience, a chance to redefine myself and therefore what my connection will become in that next moment.  And in those moments when I feel lost and disconnected, something usually happens in which I can find a lesson.


About Tracy Seekins

Long time writer/blogger. Has been on a lifelong journey for self enrichment. This is a journey which never ends and I look forward to sharing it with you.


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