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7 Places Online to Look for Scholarships and Grants

uk_university_studyMany people I know, including myself and my husband, are returning to college or some form of higher education at this time. So many of us are feeling a need for something more. We have a desire to fulfill desires and goals that we have not yet accomplished.

One concern for those who are returning to school is the financial burden that it might lay upon us when we are done. One way to alleviate some of that burden is to seek out grants and scholarships that might cover some or all over your educational financing.

I have been searching the web for resources that might help in this way. Included below are a list of links that might help you find a scholarship or grant that is right for you.

  1. Fastweb –
  2. Student Scolarship Search –
  3. –
  4. FinAid –
  5. –
  6. S. Department of Labor Scholarship Search –
  7.’s Guide to Student Financial Aid –

These 7 places should give you a great start at looking for scholarships and grants that will be right for you.

Of course be sure to fill out your Fafsa at because this is how you apply not only for federal student loans but also the federal Pell Grant.

And don’t forget to visit here as well: This link could potentially get you a $500 scholarship.

Good luck with your educational endeavors.

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