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Herbal Tea for PMS

Herbal Tea for PMS

Last month I found the best tea for women for just before or during our favorite time of the month. Thought I’d share for anyone who’d like to try making their own who needs some relief from cramping, stress, irritability and the like. Continue reading


  • Sorry for the mass influx of posts... I decided to combine Brain Sweets and Random Words into one blog. So if you see some posts you have seen before coming up over the next week, it's because I moved them from Brain Sweets to this blog. Thanks for the understanding and patience. ((hugs))
  • I remember many times when I didn't think I could make it another breath much less another day/week/month/year. I remember being so down and so broken that I didn't think the pieces could ever be found much less put back together. And even though I will always have a missing piece in my heart (and maybe a couple in my mind), I have found a way to keep moving forward. Some days will always be harder than others. Those days you just do your best, keep moving, and be glad when it’s time to sleep, because tomorrow is a brand new day.
  • The happiness we seek is not the fleeting emotional high that we imagine it to be, it is instead a state of well being that remains with us throughout the emotional waves of life.

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Focus on One Thing

If every year you focused on learning and mastering one new skill and it was the only new thing you focused on, how many things could you truly know by the time you left this world?

Happiness is More than a Myth

Can you remember the last time you were happy? I don’t mean crazy, over the moon, insane happy, but that content happiness that, that kind of happy that lets you smile for just a moment, even while crazy flies all around you.

I can tell you that for the longest time I couldn’t find happy. It seemed as though it was illusive. It was as mythical a creature as a unicorn. On rare occasions happy would pop it’s head out and tease me, but all too soon it was gone and that dull pain of life would return.


This weekend your challenge is to be in the moment.
Let go of worry and regret, just for the moment.
Let go of fear and trepidation, just for the moment.
Take a walk, take a bath,
or just sit quietly and look at your beautiful life,
just for a moment.

Make today the first day!

Have you always wanted to fly an airplane, go on a cruise, become a teacher, learn to draw, take a photography class, go back to college?

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