Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea for PMS

Lately I’ve gotten back into working with herbs. Apparently I have finally grown into a taste for herbal teas (but not the premade kind for some reason I still don’t like those). I found a store, not terribly far away, to buy loose leaf herbs and have begun creating my own blends based on what I know the herbs are good for treating. Last month I found the best tea for women for just before or during our favorite time of the month. Thought I’d share for anyone who’d like to try making their own who needs some relief from cramping, stress, irritability and the like.

8714542-Cup-of-hot-herbal-tea--Stock-Vector-tea-afternoonPMS Tea
1 part lavender
1/2 part chamomile
1/2 part white willow
1/2 part mint (I prefer peppermint)
1/4 part flax
1/4 part chaste tree berries

If you use teaspoons as your ‘parts’ this makes about 3 tsps of loose mix. usually it is 2 tsps per cup of liquid but I find 3 works just fine because my cups are a bit bigger than one cup anyway. Boil the water and steep the herbs in the hot water after boiling for no less than 10 mins (15 is preferable). Strain, sweeten (with honey preferably) and drink.

Within 15 mins of drinking my cup of tea, life was so SOOOO much better.

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