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A poem about loss. Continue reading

You Just Never Know

As I sat this morning at my picnic table trying to write, the tears flowing freely making my page harder and harder to see, I realized the perspective this was giving me. All of the drama and stresses that have been surrounding me lately melted away. They suddenly seemed so small and unimportant. Continue reading

Dear Young Ladies

Dear Young Ladies,

I am the mother of two amazing young men. I’m writing this letter not to tell you the virtues of my boys, but to explain to you what I know they deserve. I thought I would help you understand what my boys deserve and what they know is expected of them in return. Continue reading

Dear You

Dear You, Please stop saying all those horrible things about yourself. I care SO much about you and I’m not blind or silly, so have a little faith that I know what I’m talking about. You are SO amazing, SO talented, SO incredible! I wish you could just for a moment see yourself through my … Continue reading

A Happy Thought

She awoke to the smell of coffee and chicken nuggets. Not the best combination she’d ever smelled. Rolling over she looked out toward the kitchen and could see her adult son cooking a frozen dinner. “Ugh…”, she thought “What time is it?” She rolled over to the side table and pushed the power button on … Continue reading

Letter to a Younger Self

I’d love to write myself a letter and send it to the 14 year old me. If I could it would say: Dear Tracy, I know you don’t understand why some people are mean and cruel but it’s really more about them than it is you. You are amazing and beautiful, that scares people and … Continue reading