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A poem about loss. Continue reading

You Just Never Know

As I sat this morning at my picnic table trying to write, the tears flowing freely making my page harder and harder to see, I realized the perspective this was giving me. All of the drama and stresses that have been surrounding me lately melted away. They suddenly seemed so small and unimportant. Continue reading

I Think of Her

I think of her every day. I think of her all the time. I miss her every moment. But it’s days like today that I think of her and play the wondering game. Today is Mother’s Day and it’s days like today that I play the wondering game. I wonder if she’d be here spending … Continue reading

Thirteen Years Have Passed

Grieving the loss of a child different for every one of us. It is a unique journey that forever changes your life. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how old your child was when it happened. The loss of one’s child is a traumatic experience and each parent will experience this loss in … Continue reading

Paying it Forward

When our daughter passed back in 2000, we were devastated emotionally, spiritually and financially. Had it not been for the kindness of friends, family, and amazing community members who we didn’t even know, the financial burden this would have placed on our already emotionally broken family would have been too great. Our family has never … Continue reading

Dearest Daughter

Dearest Daughter, I miss you every single day more than you could ever begin to comprehend. I am so sorry I wasn’t there in that moment that you needed me the most. I will never regret anything in my life the way I regret that. You are my precious, beautiful, amazing angel and I love … Continue reading

There Are No Right Words

This is an excerpt from a chapter of my book on the loss of our child that I worked on tonight. The book is about the death of our 8 year old daughter and it’s effect on our family. “I cannot express the kind of shock that a person goes into with a loss like … Continue reading

Loss of a Child

Every person experiences loss and grief in their own unique way. No two people will go through this process exactly the same. When our daughter passed in 2000, my family was thrown into disarray. Somehow, my husband and I learned very quickly just small communication tools that allowed us to help each other through it. … Continue reading