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A poem about loss. Continue reading


GOD: A poem about faith, belief, and truth. A poem about acceptance. Continue reading

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow…

It is what it is.
It is all we have.
I can be nostalgic
over yesterday
Or…. Continue reading


A poetic piece of writing about emotions and the soul.
“I am who I am; happy and lost, simple and complex, e-motion-al.” Continue reading

Bully No More

It’s not the same As it once was For they don’t pull my hair It’s not the pain That it once was And yet I still despair They poke and prod And call you names They spread rumor and lie Stalk and harass Make you feel small Not happy till you cry But cry I won’t … Continue reading

The Pain

To live a life In pain and drained Hurting and tired With little relief And grief for the life once lived I give and give But it’s never enough So tough It through The pain!


  Beneath I live beneath. Beneath the sky, Beneath the stars, In the underbelly of society. Beneath your expectations. Yet I truly live. I dance beneath the sky. I eat beneath the stars. The world is my living room, The grass my comfy bed. I live beneath your feet, Beneath your nose, Beyond your ability … Continue reading

I Remember

I Remember I remember days of swinging high And reaching out to touch the sky Of laughter, singing, skipping too I remember childhood days with you I remember a you, that loving smile. To be with me would walk a mile. Treated me with such pure love. A gift to me from high above. I … Continue reading

To Hell and Back

To Hell and Back Into blackness I fell. Into pain, despair, agony. And yet these words do not begin to describe, the road I traveled. Suddenly light opened above And I climbed out of fear. I climbed into life once again but it seems so impermanent. Why am I here? I don’t understand. I try … Continue reading

Just Be You

Back then I tried so hard to be what others wanted me to be. It was never enough for anyone including me. I wanted acceptance and love And in the wanting found depression and pain I didn’t understand that I was fine as I was I didn’t understand that you just needed me to be … Continue reading