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Quitting Smoking

I’m working on quitting smoking. I’ve done it before but it seems harder this time. I know this will be the time I never go back. Why? Because I have never before thought of it the way I am now. It’s been three days since my last cigarette. I’m antsy and irritable. I’m fighting a … Continue reading

Anonymous Giving

“assist others in any way you are able when assistance is requested, but do so anonymously if possible“ Giving is the gift that gives it’s own rewards. Helping another in need changes your soul for the better. There is no way to reach out and help your fellow human beings without being changed for the … Continue reading

Taking Back Control

So as I’m reading through blogs I enjoy, I come across the challenge to quit one thing this week. It’s so funny to see this because this is my year of new beginnings. But to have a new beginning, often one must end things to make room. One of the things I KNOW I have … Continue reading

An Unexpected Thank You Letter

Dear people who have made my path more difficult, I thank you because every challenge you presented led me to a lesson I needed from within. I thank you for questioning who I was and am, so that I could more clearly learn that for myself. I thank you for the roadblocks because sometimes I … Continue reading

A Challenge in Kindness

Tell us about the nicest thing you’ve ever done. Inspired by The Daily Prompt I don’t know if I even know the answer to this. I can think of many acts of kindness or nice things I’ve done, but I don’t know what the “nicest” would be. Honestly how can any of us know how our kindnesses might … Continue reading