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Grand Opening


I have NEVER been to a Grand Opening of anything in my life. That is, until today.

I have been waiting for the new Pub-lix in our area to open. Tired of dealing with the current pharmacy that I’m with. Tired of having to drive all the way to Walmart to get certain items. I’ll still do my weekly shopping at my normal place, but I will be using Pub-lix for a lot of my fill in items, household needs and definitely their Pharmacy.

So anyway, today was the day! My friend, who has also been excitedly waiting for Pub-lix to open, asked if I wanted to go to the Grand Opening with her and I said sure. She said, ok we’ll leave about 7:30. My first question was “AM?”. When she said yes, my next question was “Why on earth would we want to go so early?” as I am not really a morning person. Her response was that the first few hundred customers usually get special gifts. Ok I like gifts, I guess I can get up early to get gifts.

So we got up early (well for her this was not actually early but for me it was OMG early) and were on our way. We got to the store at about 7:45am (it was opening at 8am) and the line was INSANE. See the pictures below and then I’ll explain further.


This was the line. The green sign is where the door is. There was a table up near the entrance with coffee and food items.


This is where we were. If you look under the number 2901 you might see me standing there. And you’ll notice the people out on the street area, that’s the line starting to snake around.

So apparently people had been here, in line, since about 6am. I was taken aback. Why? This nobody can ever explain to me.

We stood in line for maybe 20 or 25 minutes before we actually made it through the doors of the store. Not too bad for time. We were among the first 500 and did get a very cool free bag with insulated lining. I was quite happy with it.

As we began to weave our way around the store we were given some carnations, which I LOVE the smell of, and there were free samples of lots of different things along the walking route, which apparently was the outer edge of the store. I got everything from bread to bacon. Ok maybe I sneaked back and got bacon a couple of times.

My friend used to work for Pub-lix opening stores and I think she kind of misses it, though she didn’t really admit to that. She actually ran into some people she used to work with and work for and that made her very happy.

We actually wandered the store from 8am (well thereabouts) to roughly 10:30am. I have never, EVER spent that long shopping for…. well…. almost anything I can think of, as I am  not really a shopping kind of person. Nonetheless, it was an interesting and fun trip. It was really enjoyable to be in such a nice clean store with such friendly helpful staff.

I did remember to check in at the pharmacy and they gave me a coupon that will give me a $25 gift card if I switch my prescriptions over to them this month and then I will get another $25 gift card each month for 3 months if I pick up my refills each month.

While at the Pharmacy, one of the pharmacists walked over and handed my friend and I little gift bags. I later learned these were filled with hand lotion, body lotion, a couple of soaps, and some other cute little items.

After our shopping trip, which was more like antelopes grazing across a field, we finally decided to check out. I felt pretty good about a few of the finds and deals I got. I was able to buy us supper, which is the family meal deal pack that I really miss getting. I found John the spice he’s been looking for and we haven’t found at any of the other local stores, Dill. I got a deal on a 6 pack of my soda and a few other items I needed or wanted to try.

I happily unloaded my cart and then started adding things up mentally. Hmmm…. maybe I went a bit overboard. Yup, I sure did. $50! $50 for a grazing trip? Really? Ok, well, I did it to myself. No more grazing for this girl, back to my shopping lists! Lesson learned.

No matter, I had a GREAT time and would do it again. Well I’d do it again if a friend like the one I was with today wanted to, probably wouldn’t venture out to one of these alone.

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