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What Made YOU Happy Today

happy1I just read a post from a person who asks her readers to post in the comments what made them happy today and I felt inspired to share.

First let me tell you why I have every right not to be happy. This month we are in a bit of a bind. We found ourselves very short on food and money for food. Then, our truck broke down and of course it’s not something simple and cheap. My husband was worried. I guess I was too, but somehow, even through the concern, I knew it would all be alright.

So even through all this difficulty, what did I find to be happy about?

Keep in mind we live in an area where we know very few people. We thought we were just passing through but have recently realized we are likely staying and so it’s time to build some relationships.

Today’s top 8 things that made me happy were:

  1. We acquired the money to work on the truck and get us through the month with food, so that concern is at least alleviated.
  2. Meeting a new person whom I feel may become a friend.
  3. Meeting a new person I’ll probably never see again, who touched my day.
  4. Helping a friend move.
  5. Receiving compliments just for being me.
  6. Getting an invitation to a friend’s house and knowing they are making shrimp just because I’m coming.
    Spending time with my husband.
  7. Feeling like we created some new relationships and are solidifying others that have been developing. 🙂

There are many more little things. All of which made me happy.

rainbowI have oh so many reasons that I could choose to be unhappy about and nobody would fault me but it’s hard to be upset about even things like our only vehicle being broke down when there are so MANY little things in my life that remind me how fortunate and loved I am, and that cannot help but make me smile.

Sometimes when you can’t find the rainbow in the storm, you have to create your own, but sometimes all you have to do is look a bit closer. Today I only had to look a bit closer to find all the wonderful colors and know that life was good.

What made you happy today?

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Long time writer/blogger. Has been on a lifelong journey for self enrichment. This is a journey which never ends and I look forward to sharing it with you.


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