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I Have Never Met A Stranger

shaking-handsI’ve never met a stranger!

I think that really describes my life. I think of every person as another human being deserving of kindness and respect.

Today I went to the auto parts store with our Mobile Mechanic, who I was already realizing could easily become a friend. We went to pick up some parts. He generally deals with the same store all the time so he knows the folks there pretty well. We went to the counter and the woman who we were speaking with was coughing really bad.

Of course, to start up a conversation, I asked if it was allergies. She said no, that it was bronchitis but she can’t call in on a weekend or she risks her job. I felt so bad. You could see she was visibly ill. She was coughing and cold and pale. I asked if she’d taken anything for it, but she said she hadn’t dared to. I said maybe some Dayquil could help. She hadn’t thought about that and thanked me.

And, if the truck had gotten running today, I honestly would have driven back up to the store, gotten her some Dayquil, and taken it to her. Why? Because I hate to see another suffer. Not only that but so much kindness has come my way lately, why not pay it forward.

fixer-1I have never met a stranger.

The mechanic, who we hadn’t met until a couple days ago when he came to work on the truck the first time, is so much fun to talk with and just hang out with. He asked me today if I liked to go mudding, but sadly I can’t do that with the back issues I have. However, John and I both told him to stop by anytime even just to shoot the breeze. He said he might take us up on that when he’s out riding his motorcycle.

I have never met a stranger.

When someone new comes into the park, either just to look or ask questions or even someone new moving in, I love to strike up a conversation if they’ll let me. I often will introduce myself, tell them about the activities we have during the winter, and tell them to give me a holler if I can do anything. I know lots of people say that, but I actually mean it. If me or my family can help someone we always will.

Today, for instance, we found out that a friend here in the park was trying to move from one trailer to another, by herself, with no vehicle. This friend has some very serious health issues and I couldn’t let her do that. I went in my house and asked my son if he’d help her. I offered to pay him but he said not to because he didn’t want to let her do it on her own either.

We walked up and told her, no WAY were we letting her do it on her own and don’t bother to argue. She was greatful and let us help. Shortly after someone showed up with a truck, at which point we also enlisted the help of my husband, and we all got her stuff moved over to her new place.

I have never met a stranger.

One day my son and I were at the grocery store and we saw a woman sitting outside with the cutest puppy. We asked if we could pet him and she smile and happily said yes. While we were petting the dog we learned she was trying to get a ride up to the local truck stop, which is about 5 miles up the road. I felt so bad we couldn’t take her that day but we had no room, otherwise I would have loaded her up and taken her, even though it was 5 miles in a different direction than I live. I’ve certainly done that before.

For instance, one day we were at a convenience store close to where we lived at the time. There was a woman outside with two little children and a broken stroller. She was trying to get her bags and kids and the stroller all configured to start walking. I watched for a minute and then got back out of my car. I asked if she needed a ride, she said she’d be alright. I said, “Hun, I’ve been in your position and I really don’t mind. Let me help.” So we loaded the kids and bags in my car but the stroller thing wouldn’t fit.

But remember, I’ve never met a stranger. Next to me was a man getting into a big pickup truck. I said, “Sir, excuse me.” He stopped and turned to me. I explained the situation, told him where she needed to go and asked if he could follow me with the stroller in his truck. He thought for a minute and then said he’d do it. I thanked him and we were all off.

We got her, her kids, her groceries, and her stroller home. I gave her my number, but not surprisingly she never called me. I never got the name of the man in the truck but his kindness is not forgotten. And if I had thought of him as stranger that day, I’m not sure if we’d have gotten everything home safely.

I’ve never met a stranger.

I’ve met some people who I didn’t know and became aware of during the course of some event in my life. I’ve met some people who I’ll never see again but their faces remain within my mind always. I’ve enjoyed conversations with people I didn’t know but who I felt connected to on some basic human level.

None of these folks were strangers because we shared some common thread, even if that thread was only that we all live on this Earth together.

GROUP-SUPPORTSo, hello friend, hello person whom I share this earth with, hello and welcome to my life, even if only for a moment in time. Thank you for inspiring me, sharing a moment with me, encouraging me simply by reading and maybe liking my writing. Thank you for helping me in some way, for being here on Earth and sharing this planet with me. Thank you for being who you are and teaching me something or for being who you are and touching other people’s lives with that energy. You are special, unique, wonderful, and I feel blessed that somehow you crossed through my path and we were not strangers, not friends, but together for even a moment.

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Long time writer/blogger. Has been on a lifelong journey for self enrichment. This is a journey which never ends and I look forward to sharing it with you.


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