To-Do! Hmmm?

The Daily Post had another inspiring request, so I thought I’d join in with this one.

The prompt is thus: Quickly list five things you’d like to change in your life. Now, write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.

There are SO many things on my to-do list. I actually have at least 5 on my monthly “goal” list that I make, which is pretty much a to-do list. But I felt this prompt was asking for something a little deeper. Something on the scale of deep inner change or things that may lead to that.

meditateSo I thought for a moment and here’s what I came up with:

  1. Daily meditation with my husband. – We had been doing this and I want to get back to doing it once more as I felt it was making a positive change in our emotional lives.
  2. Daily exercise. – Preferably in the form of walks with my husband. I feel so connected to him when we take walks together and I feel connected to nature as well. It’s really refreshing.
  3. More DOING, less thinking about doing. – So many times I look around the house and think what I need to do or would like to do to make things look and feel nicer within and also outside. I really feel I should think less and just get up and start DOING it.
  4. Give back more. – I used to do so much charity work, mostly unseen and private but I miss doing that. I’d love to do some volunteer work or giving of some sort. It’s harder now that my health such a mess but it’s important to me.
  5. Get back to Creating/Crafting. – I’m always happier when I have something I can create and share. I used to make jewelry but it’s hard on my hands now. I’m thinking maybe find ways to create toys for birds (since I just got a bird and love doing that).

Now to talk about a day in my life with these changes. At some point I’ve done every one of these but I’d like to work at getting them all into my schedule along with the things I already do.

I’d awake at 10am (I’m NOT a morning person) and check my email, YouTube, Facebook, and twitter as usual. Let the bird out and have breakfast with my husband and the bird. At about 11am I’d pull out the yoga mat and meditate for 15 minutes hopefully with my husband.

At 11:30am, we’d go for our walk around the campground, both for morning exercise and to have some time together.

At noon I’d go down to the main building for a couple hours of visiting with the gals on the porch.
At 2pm I’d head home and have some lunch. Then I’d spend some time doing chores and making things look nicer for my family.

At 3pm I’d watch a bit of television and relax, while creating some bird toys or ornaments or something crafty. I miss working with beads so definitely must include those in whatever craft I do.

The rest of my day would consist of supper with the family, maybe gaming a bit with the hubby and then snuggling down to watch a few shows or a movie with my husband before heading to bed.

At bedtime I’ll include a bit of prayer and meditation.

groceriesThe charity or giving back would be included on shopping days, by buying an extra bag of groceries for someone in need or to donate to the food cupboard.

This would be ideal and really shouldn’t be that hard but honestly I have such a hard time with schedules. Of course this would be a typical day, not one where I suddenly become overwhelmed with the NEED to write or the NEED to do a video. On those days all bets are off.


Inspired by:

To-Do? Done!

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Long time writer/blogger. Has been on a lifelong journey for self enrichment. This is a journey which never ends and I look forward to sharing it with you.


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