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Over Dramatic Response Syndrome

dramatic3ODR = Over Dramatic Response and if you pronounce it, it sounds like ODOR which stinks.

ODR is common with almost everyone. We’ve almost all have moments of ODR. And moments of Over Dramatic Response are quite normal. If one then recognizes that they’ve had an Over Dramatic Response it can serve as a learning moment so the next time they can have a less dramatic response.

The danger comes with two types of people. These two types of people go beyond that normal occasion Dramatic Response into what I call ODR SYNDROME! Meaning they have Over Dramatic Response to everything. If a cloud blows over the sun they can stretch it into a situation and suddenly move into an ODR.

The first danger comes in those who don’t recognize they are Over Dramatic and they are having ODR on a regular basis but they do not see their responses as Over Dramatic. They have no awareness of their actions. And nobody dares to try to discuss this with them because of the possible response they may incur.

These people do not intentionally lie or create dramatic situations. They are simply very sensitive, emotional people who react very drastically in every and all situations. Often times these people suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder which feeds the dramatic response and also creates it.

The second danger is from those who crave attention and thrive on drama. These folks are often aware of the drama they are stirring up, they are often aware of the ODR they are displaying but they work at it because it gets the attention they crave.

These people will often lie and make up stories to create drama. They are masters at creating believable stories in order to create drama. They will often complain about multiple aspects of their lives. They like to be the center of attention but make every effort to convince people that they do not like attention.distress

ODR Syndrome has very painful affects and consequences when it is compounded by putting both of these types of people together. It can lead to paranoia, severe anxiety and stress, and even more serious health issues caused by stress.

The only cure of ODR Syndrome is for the person to recognize they are suffering from it and work at changing how they react to situations and people. Often Meditation can help. Finding a mantra to chant to oneself in place of an Over Dramatic Response can help. Deep breathing can help. Learning to stop and think before speaking often helps.

Sadly many people who suffer from ODR Syndrome will never accept help and may never find inner peace. The turmoil within them will continue to bleed out into their everyday lives and feed their need for drama.

Maybe this article will help someone recognize ODR within themselves and make changes.

If you know someone with ODR Syndrome do not attempt to point it out directly to them unless you are prepared for the possible consequences or reaction that will most likely follow.

(Keep in mind that ODR Syndrome is simply this writer’s name for a problem she has seen running rampant. This is by no means a true medical diagnosis and there is no scientific basis behind this article. It is simply written for your entertainment. That being said, I do believe that many of us act in the fashions mentioned above and can make a change by recognizing it and making a new choice. Namaste)

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Long time writer/blogger. Has been on a lifelong journey for self enrichment. This is a journey which never ends and I look forward to sharing it with you.


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