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Getting my Bird

prettyparrotSo I had really wanted an Indian Ringneck Parrot. I had been watching the Bowie Videos on YouTube and who wouldn’t want one after seeing that cutie pie. I wanted one so bad I became a bit obsessive about it. 

Every day I checked on EbayClassifieds and Craigslist to see if I could find one in my area. Every night I spent hours watching videos of parrots of all sorts and reading about how to train and raise an Indian Ringneck. I did TONS of research. I knew the diet, the pitfalls, the cage size, the toys, etc. I couldn’t wait to have my own.

Finally one day on Ebay Classifieds I found one not too far away. The man was only asking a very low amount. So low in fact that I wondered what the issue was but I moved forward with caution. I emailed the man and asked if he’d hold the baby bird, who was only 3 months old, for 2 weeks until I could come get him. I knew this was unlikely and, as I suspected, he said he couldn’t but to contact him when I was ready.

About a week later I was ready, sooner than I had hoped, and I emailed again with my phone number. Impatiently I waited and waited. Finally, after about an hour, he called. We set up a meeting and we were out the door for the long drive to get my new baby.

003The drive was about an hour. When we got there the woman said the bird freaked out when the man went to move him from the cage to the box. That was my first indication of something amiss. They had told me this bird was hand fed and hand tamed. She also said when we get home to just put a wet towel over him to move him from the box to the cage. WHAT??? I would NEVER. They put the box in the truck, I handed them the money, and we took our new baby and left.

Pepper, our little Indian Ringneck, is only 3 months and about a week old. He is FAR from hand tame. As a matter of fact he kind of hates hands. Over the past few days we have managed to get him to step up onto hands. He can still be VERY nippy and sometimes, especially if he’s tired, he can REALLY bite, but he is making progress pretty quickly.

001-2He really likes eating with the family, but we have to make sure to give him a little of everything or we end up with a bird on our heads or in our plates. Last night I didn’t give him all the stuff I had on my plate. We only gave him some rice but he wanted my fish and sure enough I ended up with a bird on my lap and then in my plate stealing away with a piece of my fish.

I’ve been making him homemade toys, which he seems to really like. He plays mostly in the morning and can be really destructive. He’s very smart and has figured out the foraging toy I made for him, but he’s almost TOO smart because he has seen how I screw the dish onto his cage and he has tried to unscrew it, thus far unsuccessfully.

I plan to write more about our adventures and eventually do some videos on my Random Words YouTube channel. For now I just wanted to introduce you to our new feathered baby.

About Tracy Seekins

Long time writer/blogger. Has been on a lifelong journey for self enrichment. This is a journey which never ends and I look forward to sharing it with you.


2 thoughts on “Getting my Bird

  1. I’m glad you’ve resumed posting!

    My brother has a conure, and has had adventures similar to yours. He and his wife give it designated materials to destroy; and they also have it, literally, toilet-trained.

    Will you be able to teach it to talk?

    Keep us posted!


    Posted by William Tell | September 1, 2014, 4:27 pm

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