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Tweaking One’s Goals

bigstock_Mistakes_In_Setting_Goals_6359413Ok so there’s this person I follow on YouTube and Twitter named Dan Gheesling. He’s a life coach, gamer, winner of Big Brother and Vlogger. Right now his is actually the only vlog I follow.

I follow him for a lot of reasons. It started because he was on Big Brother and I’m a huge Big Brother fan. Originally I was just checking out many of the Big Brother folks I enjoyed watching, but I stuck with Dan because of his personality and because he’s a gamer. A lot of what he posts is game related and to be honest I don’t watch most of that. What I DO watch is his ‘daily’ Vlog because he is just so down to earth.

Recently I started having short Twitter conversations with him. That started because I sent him a picture of his that I tweaked in Photoshop. Then it just developed into me giving him crap when he doesn’t remember to Vlog on a given day.

Last week he asked his followers to guess how many days in a row he could vlog. It was an effort to re-motivate himself and set a goal. I sent him a twitter message saying 45 was a good goal and I though he could achieve it. Well he made it 3. So today I sent him a tweet giving him a little crap/nudge.

Of course this is the pot calling the kettle black, because I haven’t even BLOGGED in I don’t know how long. At the beginning of the year my goal was a post a day. That quickly dwindled but I was sticking with several a week. Then suddenly NOTHING! It was like a black hole of writing. I’d call it writer’s block but it wasn’t even that, it was more a lack of motivation to sit and type at all.

We all have moments when what we wanted to do doesn’t match with what we actually did. Sometimes this calls for a re-assessment of our goal. Did I aim to high? Was I asking to much? In my case, was every day too much to hope for considering my health?

Once we have evaluated the situation we can tweak the goal. A lower number or longer time period. Or in my case aiming for 3 posts a week rather than one every day. It’s reasonable to change our goals when needed, all the while keeping the goal active.

What is not reasonable is simply giving up. So many times when we set a goal and fall short, we can become discouraged and just stop trying. This is where the mistake is made. It’s not that we CAN’T, it’s that we need to find the path that works for us.

I’ve never been good with setting and maintaining goals but this year I have sworn to change my life! I’ve sworn that this year is the year I’m breaking free of bad habits and finding a new course to follow. So I’m not giving up! I’ll never give up! I just need to make changes and tweaks until I find what works. And of course sometimes I will just have to power through!


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Long time writer/blogger. Has been on a lifelong journey for self enrichment. This is a journey which never ends and I look forward to sharing it with you.


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