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Hope Renewed

Homeless anything helps thank uShe stands there, sad and hungry. The pain visible in her eyes. Slowly she unfolds a sign which says “Homeless, anything helps”. As she does this she hangs her head down. She looks at the ground, ashamed that she should have to ask for help in such a manner, wishing that her life was different. Long moments pass and she wonders how things have gotten so bad. She thinks back to the days when she worked 40 hours a week and made more than enough to support herself and her little boy.

The pain strikes deep into her heart as she thinks about her boy. Oh how she misses him. That fateful day had changed everything. So much time has passed now, but the pain is still as fresh as on that day. Her life now forever changed. And now what must he think as he looks down upon her from high above? She whispers “It’s not your fault Josiah”.

downloadThen a woman comes running up behind her, hands outstretched. “Here” she says, handing her a folded dollar bill, “I’m sorry I can’t do more.”

She nearly bursts into tears from the simple act of kindness. It was only a dollar, but at least today she would eat. She could get a sandwich with that dollar even if nobody else stopped. She thanks the lady and gives blessings upon her. Even as the lady returns to her waiting vehicle she smiles and watches her go.

Still she stands with her head down and her sign held up. Still there is the shame and horror that she has the need to do this. But now, she feels a warmth at the kindness that came so early in the day. There is a glimmer of hope renewed as she feels the still folded dollar in her pocket.


This is a work of fiction inspired by the homeless epidemic and by those who reach out in kindness to others for no reason other than their generous, loving hearts.

About Tracy Seekins

Long time writer/blogger. Has been on a lifelong journey for self enrichment. This is a journey which never ends and I look forward to sharing it with you.


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