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So We Stayed

003We landed here accidentally and didn’t plan to stay. The plan was to get the truck fixed and keep going down the road. Then I realized how much I liked the people here and the fact that there were things to do. I liked the social feel of this place and the feeling of a real community. So we stayed.

When the “season” was over and the snowbirds all flew away, things got very quiet here. Still I didn’t want to go. I looked forward to seeing everyone again and I knew if I didn’t stay I would lose out on so many wonderful people in my life. So many of these people don’t use the internet at all. So we stayed.

Once again the season is coming to an end and I’ve made a decision to remain for one more year. People ask “Will we see you next season?”. I smile and tell them yes, for at least that one more season we’ll be here. So we stay.
But I feel that season will be our last here. This is not the place for us. By then our son will be done with his school and ready to move on. By then the truck will be working and ready to haul us to the next destination. I will still miss so many of these amazing people but I feel that our time here is coming to a close. It’s almost time. Time to move forward. We needed to heal and get ready to go back into life, we did that. We nestled ourselves into this comfort zone and let ourselves find the right way to go once more. There was no hurry, no schedule to follow. There was just comfort, care, and community. So we stayed.


We’ve gone back and forth on this decision, should we stay or move on? In the end we have come to realize that this is not the place we belong forever, but it was wonderful while we have been here. So we will be here for just one more season and then we will move on, out into the world. We will go better prepared and having grown in tremendous ways because of the people we have met here. I continue to believe there are angels walking among us here in this place where we accidentally landed for so long. I am glad we stayed and will stay a bit longer but soon we will move along down the road.


Inspired by The Daily Prompt which asked What was the last thing you contemplated leaving? What were the pros and cons? Have you made up your mind? What will you choose?

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