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Age is Just a Number

005Age is just a number…. or is it? On March 8th 2014 I turned 43 years old. It’s funny because when I turned 28 I FREAKED out. I thought it was the beginning of the end. I thought I was getting old and 40 was just around the corner. But now that I’m in my 40s I’m thrilled. I think my 40s are actually the best age I’ve ever been.

I’m happy with who I am. My children are grown and I’m not feeling that empty nest thing, just looking for what’s next. I’m young enough to try out new things but old enough to be reasonable about it.

I’ve never been one to think about age or worry about other people’s ages. My best friend is actually 2 weeks younger than my youngest son (which means she is 20). I have another very close friend who is the same age as my mother. Age really doesn’t matter to me. It’s more about who you are and if our personalities mesh.

This week’s prompt was terribly appropriate because it comes on the heels of my 43rd birthday. It asked “What does age mean to you?”. And to that I say, once you hit adulthood, age is simply a number. Once I hit my 30s I stopped caring so much how OLD I was because it doesn’t matter. Friends are friends no matter their age. I am who I am no matter how old I am. Age doesn’t mean you are more mature or that you have less wisdom. Life and experience do not come by the numbers.


Inspired by Weekly Writing Challenge: Golden Years

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