Baby Steps

You can make progress or you can make excuses, but you can’t do both. — Oprah World (@Oprah_World)”

Baby StepsAre you a procrastinator? Do you tend to come up with “reasons” why you can’t get even your smallest goals accomplished? Reasons are excuses in disguise. This is where baby steps come into play. This is especially important for those of us, like me, who procrastinate or always have a “reason”. Make your goals Daily,Easy, Achievable and Limited. This is the goal setting baby steps into setting a habit of achieving. Make a DEAL with yourself.

Daily – Set small goals each day

Easy – Make some of your goal list things you do anyway so it will feel easier.

Achievable – Only add goals on your baby steps/DEAL list that you KNOW you can do. Challenge yourself but keep it simple.

Limited – Only set yourself a few goals a day. If there are 15 thing you need to get done, set it up in goals of 3 over 5 days. Don’t overwhelm yourself or the “reasons” will find you.

About Tracy Seekins

Long time writer/blogger. Has been on a lifelong journey for self enrichment. This is a journey which never ends and I look forward to sharing it with you.


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