Today I am Grateful For

Grateful for Hobbies

Today I am grateful for….. Hobbies!

ForrestI’m sitting here watching my talented husband work on his new sculpture, ever so thankful that he has decided to revisit this craft once again. Watching as he lovingly puts every detail onto this adorable character he is creating.

He sits here, right now, working on a wing that is frustrating him because he wants it perfect. Even though I know that look that he has on his face is a mixture of concentration, pleasure, and irritaion, I know that he is happy. I love his happiness, his joy, his absorbtion into the project. I can sit here and just watch, which he doesn’t know I’m doing or writing about.

A smile creeps across my face as he focuses upon the fine detail. I watch him put the wing on this little creature and then compare it to the other. He carefully places it and then gives it an odd look. I can see it’s still not quite what he wants. I wonder how many times this one wing will be rebuilt before he is satisfied with it. I’m not worried, I know he can do it.

He mumbles to himself about the details, and then begins working at it once more. He takes such loving care with this one little sculpture, this work of his mind, this adorable character. I feel a wash of emotion; love, pride, joy.

So right now I am grateful for his passion for art and our ability to provide the supplies that he needs to create. I am grateful we both have hobbies that keep us happy and occupied.


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