Today I am Grateful For

Potato Bread

130212-020046It’s the little things that make me happy. I may not always say “Today I am grateful for ____” but the smile on my face or the giddy way I say “OOh Look!” is me being grateful. The fact that I jump up and get ready no matter what to go with a friend who has called, means I’m grateful. The smile you can see/hear when you take the time to sit and talk with me, means I’m grateful.

I do make an effort to tell people what they mean to me and how grateful I am, but I find many get uncomfortable when I do this. I still think it’s important to remind people how grateful and happy they make you.

The more I’ve practiced daily gratitude the happier I’ve become and the more I notice the little things that I am really grateful for. Sometimes those lead to bigger things too.

For instance: Today, RIGHT NOW, I am ever so grateful for POTATO BREAD! OOh it just makes me SO happy. Other breads often disturb my stomach and potato bread does not, but it’s expensive so I seldom buy it. Today I have it and I just made my first sandwich out of the loaf. I danced around and almost sang “Look honey, I have potato bread” which of course made him giggle at me.

Then, as I thought about my wonderful loaf of digestible bread, I thought “I am so grateful for this potato bread!” And I really am. When you on a limited budget and something little like this has become a luxury, you truly become grateful when you can have it. Past that I thought, “I’m so grateful that Flo stopped at the store for me the other night on our way home so I could get this bread”. Then I thought, “I’m so grateful for the friendship that I have with Flo”. One little gratitude for something so small as a loaf of bread, led me way up the chain to a friendship that is truly precious to me. So now I’m 3 times as grateful as I was for this sandwich I’m eating and how it came to be here on my plate.

What little thing are you grateful for today? Can you connect that to one or more other things and intensive the gratitude and happiness in your heart about it?

About Tracy Seekins

Long time writer/blogger. Has been on a lifelong journey for self enrichment. This is a journey which never ends and I look forward to sharing it with you.


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