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Taking Back Control

monster-in-the-shadowSo as I’m reading through blogs I enjoy, I come across the challenge to quit one thing this week. It’s so funny to see this because this is my year of new beginnings. But to have a new beginning, often one must end things to make room.

One of the things I KNOW I have to stop is negative self talk. In case you don’t know, or are unsure, what this is, it’s that voice in your head that tells you that you aren’t good enough. Mine whispers things like “You’re never going to reach that goal” or “Why do you bother” among other such things.

I made a commitment to myself to stop letting other people’s negative words affect me, but to do that I have to stop allowing them to seep into my brain and feed that little whisper ammunition against me. I have to stop feeding the whisper myself.

So, this week I have downloaded an affirmations program that contains a lot of what I need to reprogram myself into thinking as opposed to, “Nobody wants to read your blatherings” or “Tracy, you are simply never going to be that good.” This reminds me to say things to myself like, “I believe in myself”, “I CAN!”, and “I deserve success”.

So what am I quitting this week? I’m quitting negative self talk. I’m quitting feeding that nasty little whisper in my mind. I’m putting up a fence so that others cannot feed that little monster either, though I’m leaving the back gate open hoping it will run away once it starts starving.

When I get challenged with this, I’m just going to take a deep breath and remind myself of one of my positve thoughts. My positive thoughts will be like the guard at the gate and he will not allow people to feed the monster.

Negative self talk is pretty normal for most people. I think we all do it at some point, but I’m done letting it control my emotional well being. I’m taking back control.

What negative self talk do you catch yourself doing? How can you change it and take back control?

Inspired by -by Cinthia K Ortiz 

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